Erotic Massage Parlor Services

Relaxation Massage

Masaj Erotic Relaxant
  • Every part of the body, from the head to the toes, is equally reached with conscientiousness.
  • The physical tension dissolves instantly in the light touches, the energy of life flowing gently through the whole body.
  • We know the effective secrets to reduce stress and we have several ways to make you forget about the nerves accumulated over the course of a day.
  • Massage makes you vibrate, because it has a refreshing and refreshing effect on the whole body.

Sensitive Massage

Masaje Erotice Senzuale
  • Sensual massage of the whole body involves total relaxation, as well as a sensual inspiration that will extend your senses to the physical and spiritual level.
  • Masseuse will use her hands, body, fine linen and fragrant oils to delight your senses.
  • Thanks to sensual touches of varying intensity, which apply to the entire body surface, you will feel great pleasure.
  • The free and vigorous circulation of sexual energy throughout the body will result in increased vitality, physical strength, and a lasting emotional and mental balance.

Body Masaj

Body Masaj
  • As soon as you are ready to leave yourself merged, the power and love of your own person will reactivate.
  • Experience the feelings of pleasure from the tender and sensual touches offered by the body of the masseuse.
  • The energy points of the body are stimulated during this process and the connection between the heart and the sexual energy center occurs.
  • This type of massage precedes the erotic one offered by our masseuses.

Erotic Massage

Salon pentru Masare Erotica
  • Sexual energy, which is the basis of each of us, is retained and suppressed in the current cultural context. During the session, she returns to life and is distributed throughout her body.
  • Experienced hands will spoil your body, your ears will be relaxed by a pleasant music, so all your senses will be enjoyed to the fullest.
  • Thanks to the techniques we apply consistently, you will be able to feel intense pleasure, to feel fulfilled and happy.
  • This type of massage manages to make you aware of all the sensations and to live at maximum every moment.

Erotic to Double

Maseuze de Masaj Erotic Dublu
  • This involves touching two masseuses simultaneously, so the pleasure felt to double!
  • Thus, you will be able to benefit from four touches at once in an original and playful way. This will intensify every sensation that will try!
  • If you want to get even greater pleasure, then remember that deep and regular breathing contributes to this.
  • The little erotic show consists of touches, strokes and kisses between the two masseuses.

Erotic Massage for Couples

Masaj Erotic Cuplu
  • This is a great opportunity for couples, lovers or good friends to experience sensuality together and discover.
  • Both of you will benefit from exciting touches from a masseuse and you can choose if you want to feel them in a particular room.
  • Erotic massage starts with a short relaxation ritual, and then each person receives a sensual massage that is fully applied to the whole body.
  • This kind of relaxation can be a wonderful gift for love between two people.

Erotic Massage at the Hotel

Masaj Erotic la Hotel
  • Two of our masseuses can visit you in your hotel room and give you moments of ecstasy. You can even choose the masseuses directly from the photo gallery or choose us for you. We guarantee 100% satisfaction!
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