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We’re organizing memorable parties! There must be no reason for party, well-being and fun should not be justified! So be it bachelorette party or just hanging ‘out, come to Confidential where you will spend in the company of the most beautiful and fun girls. Benefit from promotional prices for such occasions, the salon is fully at your disposal, and drinks are on the house side.

1. XXX (read: 3 by X): 3 pieces of friends are boiled in the living room along with 6 good girls. Good music is added, alcohol is included, it mixes easily in the rhythm of music until the hot ingredients do not release the main ingredients. Separate into three portions: 1 boy with 1 face, shake for 1h hours, insert the second face and shake the ingredients until the foam is produced. After 3 hours of preparation, the need for cold water jet, packing and home delivery to each is deduced. In other words, 3 friends, 3 hours, two hours of nude massage, drinks included. Package price – 2200 Ron.

2. Give me 5! We’ll give you 10! It follows the same recipe as the previous one, only the quantities differ, making it difficult to break a gang. 5 friends, 5 hours, two hours of massage with two nude girls, drinks included. Package price – 3500Ron.
3. Your anniversary or your name day brings you a 50% discount on the price of any service. Tell your friends what you really want for your birthday, otherwise you will be enriched and this year the collection of shirts, wallets and other gifts is annoying. (Requires reservation at least 72h before, by email).
4. Erotic massage for couples. Take a non-conformist couple with two young and spicy masseuses, the four parties shake on the mattress or in the jacuzzi, together or separately, add champagne, and get a couple full of vitality and satisfied appetite. It is recommended to consume this cocktail in moderation, at least once a week. Careful!!! Cause addiction! For couples massage you get a 30% discount. Come with your partner and enjoy the erotic experience of our masseuses!
5. Other discounts: 3 hours with a masseuse -10% 4 hours with a masseuse -15% 5 hours with a masseuse – 20% We like to live with you important moments in your life and we enjoy your pleasure ! We organize with professionalism and pleasure (because we also participate) private parties. If you have such events – as many as possible !!! – please request by email a personalized offer mentioning the number of participants, estimated duration and other details.

For more information and reservations, please contact us by phone:
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