My story: how did we go over the most difficult life trials!

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Life is a constant struggle. In order to succeed wherever you are, you always have to make sacrifices, take a lot of bad luck, in the end to find a balance. Whoever said that in life you can succeed without suffering, he did not know what he was saying or did not go through everything I was forced to indignish.

In life, you have to fight for what you want, and that’s what I often hear from my parents and grandparents when I was little. I did not fully understand their words and they seemed to me daunting. But I have come to that moment when I give them great justice. Without work and perseverance, I had no way of succeeding, and although I’m fine now, my journey was not easy at all.

My story … with good and bad

I was born somewhere in the country and my dream was to go as far as to live a completely different life from my mother. She was not lucky at all in this life and my purpose was to be able to get her out of that forgotten world. My childhood was very tough, because of my drunk father and the conditions I was living in. There were days when he gave all the money for the drink, and we barely had what to eat. My mother was crying, I was crying, and the situation was getting harder. He drinks all day, and in the evening he pours over us. I lost the number of beats received and of the sleepless nights …
At age 17, I made a friend and I moved to him. I could not stand the situation anymore and I thought that with him he would be better, but that … Nothing was how I imagined or, better say, how I wanted … I Discovered in him a “father” number two, and in a few months I returned home. I knew I had to learn to take the Bac, so I could get out of there, so I had made it a priority. I had quit the entourage and learned how much I could. Even I was shocked by how long I gave the scholar.

After I succeeded in passing some honored grades to the maturity exam, I remember that only 5 of my class had passed passes, my mom got sick very badly and I had to postpone my departure to the Capital. Because she needed drugs and my father had not changed his behavior, I had to hire myself.

That’s how I got into tailoring … It was horribly hard … I was just walking and standing only. I lost so much during that time, I was unrecognizable. The salary was a mess that barely reached us, and my immediate superior made continuous advances. We spent nights in the hospital and the day we went to work. My luck and my mother was that I gave an extraordinary doctor, and in a few months she was fine. After I quit going to tailoring.

I decided to leave and I did not look back. This was not easy at first. I spent a few good months in a home, I was a salesman, and the money barely reached me a month, because I always sent the mother a part of them. I was working harder to get better. I had a lot of patience, and now I can not figure out how much power I’ve had to resist. Then the store closed and I got to work in a bar. Working night, day was sleeping, it was very hard. I had not made a friend anymore, because I saw in all those drunks and hooligans, especially while I was working in the bar.

I formed a group of my friends and, as the girls say, we were talking about everything and everything. At one point, one of them wondered if I did not want to earn more money and not get too tired. She had been working for some time at an erotic massage salon, and she always talked with pleasure to her job. I never thought if I could be a good masseuse, but her help and those of was more than my I could ever want. Of course I gave up my job at the bar and hired myself here. It’s been 3 years and I’m getting better. Not only do I have enough money for rent, food, but I earn so much to care for myself and send a considerable amount to my mother. It was quite difficult at first, because it was quite different, but now I can say it’s one of the best things that happened to me. I had to indulge so much, that now I find nothing hard.

My story…

It was extremely difficult to open my heart and tell you everything, but learning is only one thing: life is hard, but you have to take advantage of the chances that you are offering and persevering. That’s the satisfaction!

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