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No moment is the same, every moment is unique and deserves to be enjoyed at maximum intensity, no matter what shade it gives us.

And every choice can forever change our course of life.

I was so young, beautiful and innocent in my naivety, I had just separated from my first boyfriend, it was a difficult time, vodka glasses were the best psychotherapists I could consult during that cold period. No one could give me euphoric sensations in those heavy moments, in which detachment was the antonym of my being.

The pubs of the Old Center became my best friends, for a few hours I forgot that I was a she-wolf with him, I had lost my entire pack, I was no longer alpha, something hard pressed me, now I was omega. The story had to continue, anyway …

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You know how beautiful it rained in that evening as if the weather was perfectly matched to my soul, the story was ideal, and the character had a playful joy, but not with my old friend, ready!

I took my bag and went out in the rain, glad to let it clean me of all the problems, put my jacket down and let the drops drain on my skin, like something in me rebirth, I felt pleasure , A joy similar to a girl who has received her much desired lollipop.


Rain and music, the perfect atmosphere for a dance on the way home, I let my body vibrate on the rhythms of every song that came out of the pubs, sneak through the crowd adding color to each move, I loved the curious eyes of the men and the wonder of the eyes Women, we do not notice it, but I could not help but keep an eye on the reaction of the passers-by. We felt the energy intersecting, as if each played its role on a scene with infinite possibilities and whether or not we were all realizing something, maybe it was the desire to live alive.

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Wet up and down, and with a big smile on his face, we got to the subway. I did not go down the ladders because the law of attraction had done my job for me, the train was in the station, it had just arrived when the protagonist had reached the last stage, maybe it was not in vain to say that positive thoughts and states make things work better.

– To be continued- 

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