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First time with two women

I always thought a woman was enough for a man. He will thank her for what she has to offer, and that’s where the story ends. I do not even know what I’m thinking about. Even after so many times when I saw that if a man is in a position to choose, he will always tend to diversity. At first this & nbsp; revolted me. Why? Is not that enough alone? Is not he good for him? Does not know & nbsp; how to satisfy it? But then I thought about myself, and the fact that no matter how I avoid, sometimes I want to try something else. Sometimes you want to get out of routine and see the other side of the street. And I started to understand why men prefer two women in the same time. It’s something completely new, something completely different, something more intense. You have not one, but two women who have the sole purpose of your pleasure. How loud can it be? More interesting, however, was when I made my first erotic massage session with a colleague. Tin and now lying the day. He was a tall guy with a head over me. His blue eyes were looking for me, searching every part of my body. Since we had welcomed, we did not interrupt a visual contact for a second. I felt desirable, I felt desirable in the last hall. He wanted a normal meeting first, but I wanted to surprise him. I wanted to know what kind of man she is. I told her about our new colleague and I suggested an erotic massage session with her. He looked amazing & nbsp; for a second, try to imagine my colleague guessing & nbsp; if he liked it. I guessed that, and I called her in the room so she could make the actual decision. Her eyes moved from her lips, down to her strong socks, and then waved her thighs to the soles. For a moment I felt like a modeling agency, where we had an important test. His look moves from her body to my body and back to hers. I felt her ecstasy growing up, I could see her eyes getting luminous and becoming impatient. He made small thumbs with his finger and approached us. He took our hands in his hands and said, “I presume that you & # 39; ll make me very happy.” I can say he was right. I can say it was a memorable meeting. Her home merged with my maids and knew his body & nbsp; She and I were just one. Only one part that pleased the other. I’m also amazed at how well you can synchronize with another person at a time of pleasure. Erotic massage becomes a story in three that ends happy & nbsp; It becomes a new standard of pleasure, it becomes a new place where you can find, relax, fulfill. Erotic massage is an intimate moment that does not compare to the simple act, but erotic massage with two masseuses is totally nirvana.

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