Erotic massage does not include intimate contact!

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From newspaper ads to some saloons that are self-recommended as high-class, the whole city is embroiled in sexual services. We are often asked by the “surprise massage” phone – we offer a surprisingly relaxing massage. The Confidential Team does not practice or encourage prostitution, the services being strictly erotic, namely erotic demotion. Why do not we offer erotic massage with intimate contact?

Because prostitution is illegal! (there is no need for completions and explanations).

Because the team was formed by a selection, one of the criteria being behavioral . We are not just looking for girls to look good, because our decor is already set up, but conscientious, smart girls capable of complying with the good sense. We respect our staff and therefore do not ask the girls to do something decadent, endangering their health or feminine integrity. Otherwise, they are aware of the risks involved in practicing prostitution. Our girls are smart & Sexy, most students or graduates, with whom you can have pleasant and interesting discussions besides erotic moments.

♥ Because you can get more intense pleasure by massage, being the only beneficiary of this prelude with a different ending, the whole attention being given to you. You will be surprised by the intensity of the erotic massage, watching the total relaxation, touching the inner peace, compared to a paid sex game, which aims to stop the sexual, animal instinct.

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