How to Massage at the Confidential Salon

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Because we often get questions like “how do we do?”, “When and what do they do?”, “When to come?”, Etc., we were shocked to write an article describing how it happens when it happens: ).

It is absolutely normal to call and ask anything, we write this fragment for those who are used to doing their homework before doing anything.

Let’s see how the classic scenario looks.

  • Step 1. Find us on Facebook, facebook, recommend us a friend of yours or anyway you can find us the first step is to go to the site, browse and read what goes out, you can even read the entire site, Then we recommend going to the Gallery. At Gallery you can see 100% real pictures taken in our salon  .
  • Step 2. Take the phone number from the site and call us to schedule.
  • Step 3. If you do not stay well with the orientation you can write down the address and the landmarks, in any case, please note our phone number to ask for details. When you arrive at the Salon, call the external intercom or go directly to the door.
  • Step 4. You will be welcomed in a friendly and relaxing environment, you will get something to drink from home, for your tastes and desires.
  • Step 5. The girls will be ready to come, come and meet. They will be dressed so their shapes will be visible, the erotic experience starting from this moment. You will understand exactly what we say when you come. You will choose the girl you love most.
  • Step 6. You will climb, driven by the masseuse, into one of our beautiful massage rooms. You will relax, you will change a few words, you will know something better.
  • Step 7. You will undress … you will take to the bathroom where you can make a short and refreshing shower and you will return absolutely ready for an erotic experience.
  • When the erotic massage session is over, you can go back and take the massage oil down, you can talk peacefully.
  • We guarantee an excellent, great erotic experience. For some simple reasons: our girls look very good, clean and neat and our salon knows to give discretion, to make the necessary atmosphere.

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