Bachelor party at an erotic massage salon

27 January, 2017   I   by Admin


Good day!

You guessed, yeah, I’m Confi, in my company, you always find an oasis of relaxation.
I’ll tell you something about a day in my company and my colleagues.
It was a hot summer day, and my guests were passing the threshold. My lashes lurked & nbsp; in their relaxation space. In the evening, a gang of bachelors would cross our threshold.
That day I had a new lady and they were trying to put her into the atmosphere as they knew better and nicer, making a bracket I want to tell you that I’m so proud of the way in which we have chosen our lashes .

At the fall of the darkness, the boys appeared, great pride needed, but I was not too low, my location was ready to receive, the drinks were cold, the erotic massage oil was hot and the lashes ready to make them happy Have fun. I watched with great delight the good will that reigned in the living room, and the smile that squeezed on the lips of the party-guys when they came back in turn from the massage.
I am glad that here in my location, a memory has been created for them, which will be narrated in the same way years ago & nbsp; and years from now on. After all, that’s my purpose, to leave alive and gaunt skin memories.
If you also want a memory that will last for years, along with your best friends,
I would feel honored to open my door, drinks are on me;) but stay calm, even alone & nbsp; you can leave here with your big smile and with memories of henskin and nonster pictures from your memory.