7 details that make DIFFERENCE during an erotic massage!

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24 August, 2017   I   by Admin

Erotic massage is one of the most effective ways to remove daily stress and complete relaxation. Additionally, it is recognized that it also contributes to the improvement of circulation and the healing of several diseases. However, there are some details that make the massage an exceptional, unforgettable experience, and Confidential is one of the salons that prides itself on meeting all of them.

Top 7 details that make the difference during erotic massage:

1. Perfume in the room

It has to be very pleasant and feel the sense of who is the beneficiary of the massage, but also those of the masseuse. Moreover, he is given special attention, because because of the pleasant smells, people feel a certain familiarity, which helps them to be more relaxed. In addition, some fragrances have as essential notes stimulating sexual impulses, such as jasmine, cinnamon, almonds.

2. Light

Since ambient training matters a lot, the light must be diffused. It seems that this helps to increase the level of intimacy. Thanks to a light that invites to relaxation, the one who has erotic massage relaxes completely.

3. Music

Also from this training is the choice of music. Thus, the romantic and relaxing music, deafened in deafness, will be able to refine the senses of the one who enjoys the time spent in the salon and, implicitly, the services provided.

4. Massage oil

Massage oil is one of the most important factors, as it softens the hands of the masseuse and heats them. In addition, it favors easy grip of the hands on the whole body, making the sensation more pleasant during the massage. Of course, it must also be carefully chosen, because too strong odors can be disturbing and not all have aphrodisiac effects. However, massage does not start directly by application of oil, because there are certain techniques, such as light bruising, kneading and rubbing, which are aimed at stressing the extremely tense muscles.

5. Experience the masseuse

Certainly, the effectiveness of an erotic massage depends greatly on the masseuse experience. This is why Confidential focuses on girls’ training, learning massage techniques, but also how to tailor their behavior to the customer. In addition, besides these, the sensuality, the beauty and the attention that each client treats are their greatest strengths. Thus, the experience of a masseuse is reflected in the relaxation it manages to induce the recipient of the massage.

6. Lenjeria fin

Of course, masseuse clothing plays an essential role in relaxing the customer. Since erotic massage implies its sensual touches, and the clothing articles it carries must incite the one who is massaged so that all senses can be enjoyed. That is why masseuses are usually dressed in very fine or extremely brief underwear.

7. Language

Never a masseuse will speak too much to a customer. The tone down of the voice, consistent with all the atmosphere in the salon, is preserved for the entire duration of the massage session. Like other details, this is a very important aspect, which contributes to the well-being of the client who chooses this erotic massage salon.

So all the elements described above are able to provoke great feelings for a customer while enjoying an erotic massage!

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