10 Things to Know About Massage


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Call the salon and ask for services and prices. There are camouflaged brothels in erotic massage salons. Be sure the place you go is a legally active massage salon that does not practice prostitution. If you want more than just a massage, there are enough metaphors in the Romanian language that infer the idea of intimate contact, but do not try to understand what you want when you are talking about the services on the phone. A firm answer from the receptionist should not leave any doubt.

It’s always good to make a plan ahead. So you’re sure girls or camera are available and you can choose.

Take a look at the photo gallery, and if you like a particular girl, make your appointment with her. Because girls work in shifts, choose two or three girls to your liking and ask what their schedule is.

As the whole staff treats you with respect, we expect the same thing from you. Our services are addressed to true gentlemen who know how to treat a woman with respect regardless of context.

Hygiene is very important, so as the masseuse will take a shower before and after the massage, please use the shower safely.

We do not apply extra-charge for the drink, which is on the house side. We naturally considered a man to drink a glass of red wine in the company of a beautiful woman.

The session lasts one hour from the moment you enter the room, and begins with relaxing massage, followed by body massage and erotic massage itself. Each masseuse has its own techniques, while respecting the stages of the session. You are free to suggest to insist more on one stage or another, and any other suggestions to customize the massage according to your needs and desires.

You will be mastered by a very beautiful and sensual lady and obviously you will want to touch it. Touching is allowed to the limit of common sense, the limit that each face sets. Please respect this limit. For a harmonious and enjoyable massage session and masseuse, you need to feel comfortable.

The session lasts for an hour, regardless of the number of “finalizations”. Our girls are very hot, so you surely can and will want to “get in overtime”, on and on and on …

Any feed-back is welcome. Based on this, we are perfecting and we are able to offer you the best services.

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